Who Are We?

GoldSpike Audio began in 2007 as the brainchild of homeschooled high-school student Forrest Brazeal, who noticed that other homeschoolers loved the catchy, information-packed songs he made up to help himself learn biology and chemistry assignments. The Brazeal basement quickly became a recording studio (great underground movements often begin in the basement) and from scraps of equipment, plenty of perseverance and some determinedly bizarre imaginations, a unique enterprise was born. Today, GoldSpike Audio productions are recorded at a state-of-the-art, above-ground sound studio and feature professional voice actors, singers and musicians from around the country. But we've never lost sight of the goal we set out to achieve: producing clean, hilarious audio material that simultaneously educates and entertains. We're not here to waste your time. We're here to make you think ... while you're laughing milk through your nose.

What's In a Name?

The Golden Spike, as you know, was the famous railroad spike connecting the eastern and western tracks of the first transcontinental railroad. At GoldSpike Audio, we're making a connection too. We're taking stuff like history, science and literature, stuff often perceived as dry and inaccessible, and joining it with our own signature brand of humor and music to create an experience both entertaining and enriching. And we're doing it one (audio) track at a time.