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Creation vs. Evolution

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  • "A hilarious look at a serious argument - does evolution make scientific sense? Can a creationist view be based on facts? Forrest Brazeal paints a masterpiece of musical satire that reveals the real truth about this "WorldView" debate. Set in the West, scored in the Big Band Musical stage and loaded with zany characters and a compelling story your family will love!

    Gary Emory, Producer
    Patch the Pirate
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the production of CREATION VS. EVOLUTION. It is well done in a humorous way with catchy songs and a great story line. Best of all, it refutes the false notions of evolution with Bible truths applied in a logical way. I found myself playing it over and over, learning something new each time!

    Glenn Christianson, Producer
    Chris-Jan Music, Bible Truth Music
  • "Today I listened through your CD and enjoyed it very much. The story is cleverly written and well executed, and the music is interesting and appealing. I found your clearly stated objections to theistic evolution and your refutations of natural selection and random mutation compelling, and the overall effect was memorable and supportive of the creation cause. I couldn't help but chuckle at the clever humor and creativity.

    Dr. Mark Parker

Julius Caesar Remixed

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  • "A humorous jaunt through the high points of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar .... full of sound effects, musical scores, original music, and witty story lines...

    Cindy West
    Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • "[A]n exciting, novel way to hear this classic tale. Complete with sound effects, a full dramatic cast, and orchestral music, this production is both original and fun.

    Kathy Davis
  • "I tend to be a purist regarding audio books, but I thoroughly enjoyed Julius Caesar Remixed. As a source of personal entertainment, a refresher course on the motivations and implications of Caesar's assassination, and a great way to get others intrigued by the play, this musical drama fully merits your time and its price!"

    Rebeccah Edgren
    The Cracked Pot